Gil Grissom

September 27, 2007

Gil GrissomMaking unnecessary jokes about the deceased since 2000source: anonymous, 

Picture Unrelated

September 27, 2007

Picture UnrelatedBut it’s a gigantic panda blasting a hole through a knight with a rainbow spewed from its mouth… what’s not to like?source: anonymous,  

Lex Luther

September 27, 2007

Lex LutherYou’re like the richest man in Metropolis. Can’t you just BUY some cakes?source: anonymous,  


September 27, 2007

PerspectiveAwards? Success? Fame? Perhaps one day they will be yours. But the fact is, nothing you’ll ever do will be more popular than that online picture of bacon taped to a cat.source: anonymous,  


September 26, 2007

ChancesDon’t be a pussy, this guy seems legit.source: anonymous,  

The Picture

September 26, 2007

The PictureIt is unrelated.source: anonymous,  


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